Top 7 Best Domain Registrar of 2018

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Best Domain Registrar of 2018

Are you looking for the best domain registrar to register your website name?

Domain registrars helps to hold best importance as they help you to lock your online presence name or business. There are many places where you can able to buy domain names and they come with various pricing services offered and hidden costs. There are set of criteria to choose the best perfect domain vendor of your website.

Before we dive into the registrar list, let us first discuss a few important things related to domain registrars.

What is a Domain Registrar?

A domain registrar as per Wikipedia is an organization or commerical entity which manages the reservation of internet domain names. A domain registrar must be at a generic top level domain (gTLD) registry or a country code top level domain (ccTLD) registry.

Management is said to be done in accordance with guidelines of domain name registries.

Why choosing the best domain Registrar is important one?

We always buy domains to represent our online presence from a domain registrar to choose the perfect one is a lot more important. You can end up by paying more for whole registration period or may even settle for fewer features.

One wrong choice and you can end up paying more for the whole registration period or even have to settle for fewer features.

Reliability: Its stated that not all registrars have same trust factor. Choose cheap domain registrar which might end up you with unprofessional services.

Hosting Support: Domain is of no worth until its located to have its own website. Without hosting no one can access your website or domain and cant add anything to it either. Its preferable to choose domain registrar to sell hosting too. This will save you the hassle through different accounts.

Disk Space

Its said that various registrars have various plans for hosting space. Many give you unlimited hosting space so that you can upload a large amount of data or media when others restrict you to bare minimum.

Subdomain Support

You can sometimes see websites that have various sections for various types of content. Domains can be homepage of your website but might want to have various sections such as forum or a membership space on a subdomain like

Subdomain Support

A secure server certified website is that one uses an SSL to make your website more safe for online transactions or similar activities. SSL is not needed when you are simply blogging but can be important thing if youm are going to be selling or exchanging private information your readers

1. Godaddy

Godaddy is been synonymous with domains and hosting. They are one of the biggest names in domain industry and ecommerce industry with a market share of about 30%

You can get started with Godaddy plan for just $2.99

Interface of Godaddy is nice when it comes to select a domain name.

Godaddy provides almost all TLDs including countric targeting specific domain extensions and providers and many other online services like website builder, hosting, SSL certificates.

The interface of Godaddy is pretty nice when it comes to selecting a domain name.

Godaddy is the best place to buy domain name.

Features and highlights:

This is one of the leading domain registrars

This offers websites builder and hosting at one go.

This offers many other e-services such as website design and logo designs.

The pricing and customer service is decent if not the best.

What I like:

Offers almost each and every known domain extension and TLD

Uncluttered Domain dashboard and easy setup for domain settings.

Provides hosting but will not recommened this to anyone for blogging.

What I don’t like:

Pricing is too high. Privacu protection at extra charges.

Hosting and other services are only limited.

Upsells are high and intrusive that if your are not alert emough then you will often end up buying domain extensions and many others which are unwanted.

Check Godaddy Website

2. Google Domains

Looking to register your domain which is better than registering it with Google.

Google domains is one of the most professional domain registering body which have ever came across.

Like other domain registrars, Google domains interface is said to be clean, minimal like home page doesnt jam up you with loads of upsells or cross sells and hidden banners.

Google domains doesn’t have hosting facilities. Its strictly a domain registrar.

You can now integrate Google domains with G suite for an additional of about $5 per month to get custom emails and online storage and even team management solutions.

Features and highlights:

You can register any top level domain

Upto 100 subdomains per domain

Upto 100 email aliases so that can able to point your business emails such as to get preferred opr existing emails like

What I like:

Minimal, professional and easy to use

Free cost of privacy protection

Huge list of domain extensions to choose.

What I don’t like:

Costly when compared to other domain registrars.

This doesnt offer hosting factilies without a domain with simply a name. If you want hosting then you have to

buy it from other providers.

Will not offer country specific domains with privacy protection.

Check Google Domains Website

3. Namecheap

Namecheap is another best industry standard for domain name registrations and better alternative to Godaddy.

Namecheap also offers SSL and hosting solutions at affordable budget plans.

Namecheap is said to have great checkout interface without cluttering with upsells.

Domains from Namecheap is said to come with free whois privacy.

Features and highlights:

Cheaper domain plans

Provides SSL and hosting at affordable prices.

Superfast customer care

Free privacy protection

Free email forwarding to your existing email.

What I like:

Interface is user friendly and clean.

Very much trusted name and easy domain management system.

This provides hosting and SSL that are as per customer reviews better than Godaddy.

Onboarding and custiomer service is easy one.

What I don’t like:

Auto renewal of domains can be glitchy.

Check Namecheap Website


Same like Godday and Namecheap, is also stated as ICANN accredited domain registrar which helps to register, renew or transfer domain quickly.

They also offer hosting and other services such as website builder and SSL and G suite integration.

Features and highlights:

They have clear options to look for upcoming extensions and expiring domains which will help you in getting your preferred domains.

This helps to provide hosting, free SSL and separate email services without needing to create a website.

What I like:

Interface is clean and doest cluster upsells. This has each and every option to get online without a look anywhere else. Fre whoise privacy.

What I don’t like:

Hosting service are basic and could get a better hosting with free domain from services such as Bluehost with half price.

Customer support is average. Phone service isnt available on weekends and no live chat which is unacceptable.

Check Website

5. Namesilo

Namesilo is another popular domain registrar is one of the best cheapest and most transparent pricing is concerned.

Namesilo offers cheaper domain registration rates which dont ahve renewal up charges is a dealmaker when you are registering domains for long term.

Features and highlights:

No hidden fees: Namesilo is one of the transparent in pricing which has no hiddne charges which will upsell pushes and minimum purchase amount of their customers.

Easy integrations: Namecheap offers easy integrations of popular services such as G which is one of the great non techy customers.

Professional domain flipping: Namesilo has a wide variety of domain investor tools helps to track and trade upto 1000s of domains at a time.

FREE domain parking: Do have premium domains? Namesilo allows you to showcase sellable domains with their own custom landing page without any extra cost.

What I like:

No renewal charges thats great for long term use

Domaint rading facilities

Lifetime free whois privacy

They accept bitcoin payment if you’d like that.

What I don’t like:

There is no hosting facility in case you’d want to host your domain/website.

Check Namesilo Website

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