Top 10 trending ways to monetize your blog to earn money

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Top 10 trending ways to monetize your blog to earn money

Affiliate  marketing

Nowdays monetizing trend for using affiliate marketing is on high rise. The only one catch which need to convince your audience to buy your product and its hardest part of affiliate marketing. You can do it by writing reviews of product and then giving affiliate links to buy from store which will make you commission if person buys.

Many people such as Pat Flynn etc are earning really big money from affiliate income. Promote products that suits your niche, they gives better returns .

Banner ads

Banner ads is a main source of earning many pro bloggers which seems to have income source for many bloggers so ahead to get your website hooked up to one of the good CPM paying network and earn money from your website traffic easily.

Sponsored posts

Once blog is famous, people come up with cool posts about their website and products for your website. Your website needs to get targeting a particular niche to enhance up chances of people flocking around website with sponsored posts with good money for you.

Sponsored content widgets

Have some space left on your website then you can definitely try out option on your site to get extra money at your pocket which mainly work on cpc model.

Products reviews

If you have many potential targeted audience on your site then chances on getting product reviews related to your niche increased up by manifolds. The quality content is high on your blog to attract companies to throw some money on to your pocket along with free products which keep after review.

in-text ads

Intext ads provide great revenue stream for your blog without taking the giant ad space for banners on your website.they are automatically integrated in the compelling and meaningful keywords of your article content and pays you whenever an visitor clicks over it or just see the ad by hovering over the word.
info-links is a great network for intext ads ,i am personally using it,it gives great cpm ,so go ahead and join infolinks now

Sell your own products

You can make and sell own products for your website to earn handsome amount of  money. Email your product along with description to email subscribers list to get more sales as it increase your revenue from awesome product and can make a series of ebook, videos, podcast for particular topics to sell and earn.

Direct ad selling

direct ad selling is one of the great option for monetizing the blog which gives you additional revenue by removing away the middle man as you get contact to advertiser directly as there are better opportunity of price control and ad control. So you can easily try to go for direct advertising but their only one catch with it, it’s hard to find out advertisers directly for advertising on to your blog.


Podcast is the latest upcoming trends with various bloggers are adopting to earn money. In podcast get sponsorship voice or audio to be delivered in between your speech. It’s a great way to earn money but only get sponsors if you have lots of listeners to your podcast. In podcast you get tips, answer people, tricks and do more to gain up more visitors and earn revenue from your podcast. Pat Flynn from is earning big money from podcast alone.

Paid services subscription

This includes some membership website requires subscriptions from accessing content so that you have great content than you can able to create special members for premium member to discuss and latest updates more and charge people to access it.


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