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1. Share Buttons by AddThis
When installing this plugin, you can now ensure that a great part of your website’s content get shared on social media. When using AddThis, users will easily share your content over various social networking sites. You can now decided whether to share buttons displayed on your homepage, category page or posts, archive page.

2. Sassy Social Share
Sassy Social Share allows your website users to share content across wide range of social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Tumblr etc. Smooth social sharing plugin comes with best vector icons too.

3. AddToAny
AddToAny is assist people to share your post and pages on any type of social networking websites such as witter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, WhatsApp and many more.

4. Simple Social Icon
Simple Social Icons is one of the best user friendly, customizable way for displaying icons that links visitors for yor profiles on social networking websites. This can be easy to select profiles you want to link with it, customize the size of icons and colors and align them from widget form.

5. Social Media Share Buttons and Social Share Icons (Ultimate Sharing)
This social media plugin will enable to share icons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, RSS, email, YouTube, and also upload custom share icons of your preference. You can now select from 16 various designs for your social media share icons. You can also share several actions to single social media share icon. For instance, your Facebook share icon will attract visitors for Facebook page you like it.

6. Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare
This is one of the free social media plugin that comes with highly customization ecosystem. This can optimize and share your contents on social media. Often social media plugin can use for external scripts that increase the time needed for loading. In contrast, MashShare uses no external script dependencies. All codes are now loaded directly your site when ensuring that you and your visitors have privacy.

7. Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon
This links social media icons for your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google + etc. Social media plugin has 30 icon themes thats easy to configure and comes with featured plugin on many developer portals too.

8. Floating Social Bar

This social media plugin only loads scripts which are loaded when page gets loaded. Rather you can see a replica image with all counts. This plugin is user friendly which comes with simple options interface to enable to drag and drop social buttons you want to display

9. ShareThis: Free Sharing Buttons and Tools

This is one of the free social media plugin its easy to use and can help to boost traffic and engagement on to your website. You can now customize its look by choosing layout from more than 80 social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc. This will enable your users to share content and increase traffic for over short period of time.

10. Social Icons Widget by WPZoom
Social Icons Widget assists you in adding icons promptly with links to your profiles all over various social networks which comes with 4 icon sets and offers you with the chance to use this widget for activities from linking of your profiles across social networks. You can now use general links to add links at anything you want to.


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