The Best Android Apps of 2018

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The Best Android Apps of 2018

There are our picks for the best Android apps from the Google Play Store that we use every day. Whether you are looking for a perfect app to scan your documents, take notes or edit videos, we have a recommendation for you.

The Best Android Apps 2018

Authy: Authy generate two step verification codes to your phone. If someone manages to know password of yours online accounts, they can’t get in without generated code.

Cast Box: A free podcast app with super clean layout and best discovery engine for finding out new podcasts. This includes in audio search and your podcast subscriptions get synced to desktop.

NewPipe: This is the best Andriod app for playing Youtube videos at the background when you work on other apps. This includes audio and video download capabilities is missing from official store.

FakeGPS: easily fake your location on mobile phone. Any website or app uses location such as Foursqaure, Google or even Maps for example- we think that you are in other place and serve various results.

fooView: Most versatile app for Android lets you do any simple gestures. Search your apps, open up websites, take screenshots, switch screens and more all within single app.

Protect: A Free VPN and data manager app from Facebook lets you monitor your mobile data usage, block apps from using data at the background and includes VPN save your information when connected to public Wifi.

Connections: This can quickly add notes and to dos to your contacts and these notes will popup on your screen the next time you receive or make a call to that person.

Quickly: This will put your most frequently used contacts and apps at the notification bar and access it from any screen by simply swiping down notification drawer.

WhatTheFont:This will quick identify fonts used in billboards, magazine and everywhere else. Snap up a picture to crop area that you wish to identify and WhatTheFont to show the font name as similar font families.

Firefox Focus: Privacy focused browser don’t keep track of anything you browse or search. Exit browser and all your browser history is erased automatically. Its using Chrome in permanent incognito mode.

Grammarly: Grammarly adds spelling and grammar checking to every app on your phone. If you are writing an email, a Facebook post or a message on WhatsApp, you’ll never make any embarrassing errors again.

Notin: Pin important notes and reminders into your notification bar and just sit there silently, constantly reminding you that task is still due.

Files Go: Running space on your Android? Files go by Google is said to help to identify easily all unused apps, other temporary files, duplicate files which may be clogging your mobile.

Canva: Canva helps to create beautiful designs from readymade templates in minutes. Whether you can look to create a wedding invitation, brochure or eye catching graphics for social media graphics, Canva is the best app.

Timbre: This is another easiest tool for manipulating video and audio files on your mobile. You can join or cut media files, convert between formats or even change its playback speed.

TinyCards: An innovative flashcards app helps to memorize quickly using spaced repetition technique. Readymade flashcards are available for various topics or create your own.

Sesame Shortcuts: This adds an invisible area on to your screen which is accessible from many other apps. Tap the area to launch and search for your favorite app.

Android Auto: This transforms your Android screen into simplified interface with large buttons to make easier for you to use mobile when you are on road. Listen to driving directions, make phone calls, read text messages and enjoy music.

APK Updater: An app simplifies process on finding updates on your installed apps. When your mobile checks its official Google play store for app updates, APK updates looks on at legit APK sites such as APK Mirror for new versions.

Article Reader: Google Chrome don’t include Reader mode which is available at Safari on Iphone but Article Reader comes close. Send any page from browser to app and read it without distracting clutter.

Alt+C: This will easily copy and paste text between your mobile and your Window PC or Mac computer. You can copy-paste URLs, phone number, email addresses or larger blocks of text with simple hotkey.

Buffer: Easily post some updates to Twitter, Google plus, Facebook and many other social media sites from mobile. You can also schedule update to move on live at certain time and date.

Checky: This app will figure out how many times don’t you check on mobile per day. You can also see some historical data to understand on how your mobile phone usage patterns are changed over time.

Chromer: A floating bubble browser opens up the web pages at the background to continue to work at the current app. Support Google readability and Google AMP mode so that pages load faster without clutter.

Datally: Track on how much mobile data are various apps consume your mobile phone. You can now optionally turn on data saver mode which will easily block specific apps from using any data.


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