How to Fix the Issue if iPhone or iPad Not Charging

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How to Fix the Issue if iPhone or iPad Not Charging

An apple product gives the sense of satisfaction and luxury. Best premium electronic products will have some issues. One of the main issues on your iPhone/iPad is not charging up when you connect upon your Ipad or Iphone to the charger. Many Iphone or Ipad when complaining about their Ipad stated that not charging and searching solution. IOS users can face some other issues such as Iphone stuck on apple logo, iPhone activation lock bypass, iPhone Wont Connect to iTunes, WiFi Not Working in iOS 9 and other.

Here we will discuss on “How to fix issue of Iphone not charging” which you might very well start when using this device again. This will make you have checked on all human errors and rectify it. These common errors are that your not connected and your adapter is not properly connected to the wall socket or device which is said to be loosely connected to charging cable. Make sure to plug it properly or on different socket to make sure that everything is properly connected up. After doing this, if the problem persists then check for the below following tips to fix Iphone which is not charging issues.

Problem with your iPhone/ iPad or your adapter
First step is to diagnose the device causing issues on your adapter or phone. Use alternative cables and adapters for genuine Apple charger which is said to be available with your product. Its to be well noted when plugged towards laptop or desktop computer or laptop. If you are actively using it then your iPad does not charge for look for the text “not charging” right beside the battery icon at the upper- right portion of your screen. At this situation, your iPad will only charges when your Apple device is said idle one or when the screen is said to be turned off.
If this solves the charging problem for your Ipad/Iphone then issues was with your adapter or cables. If the continues then issue said to lie with Iphone or Ipad. Try using different iPhone or iPad with same adapter or see if its working. If other iPhone/Ipad charges uses the same adapter then issue is said to be with your Ipad or Iphone. Try with many other methods below before starting to think of contacting Apple customer care.

Restart iPhone/ iPad
After checking up USB charges and make sure all cables are working fine, just try to restart your device so check if its charging. If you are restarting then try to charge iPhone/ iPad when it is turned off.

Restore backup from iTunes
After analysing the above easy methods, Iphone/Ipad are not getting charged then try to restore backup you made before. There are software glitches update released by Apple which night be affecting charging capabilities of your device. Try to use backup of that time when you are charging Phone/ iPad. Latest updates which already have some software glitches might not solve your problem at any time.

Follow the below steps to restore your back up and check.
Connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC through Lightning or 30-pin Dock connector.
Click up on the Device tab at the top left.
Click on Backup.
Wait for the backup to finish.
Click on Restore
Wait for the restore to finish.
If the device is getting charged after restoring then well and good.

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