How to create Facebook such as social networking websites PHP and MySQL

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How to create Facebook such as social networking websites PHP and MySQL download

Source code from Dropbox free 2018

In this Web Development world day by day technologies updates are fast moving. If we think about final year project for Computer Science Engineering or Information Technology what should it be? This is confusing topics to build most of the candidates to see they build some management systems no problem, as beginner you can move for minor projects such as Library management systems, Student and college management systems

In this article you will be knowing on how to create Social Networking website that is built with PHP5 and MYSQL. Project useful one for fine year computer science students who want to build a social networking website like Facebook. Here I am helping you with full source code. You can able to download easily from drop box link. This is one of the better understanding on how social networking Databases designs


What functions it Covers:-

This system allows you to upload photos, delete friend, messages, Gaming systems many more.

– Gaming systems

– Different Privileges

– Upload Photos

– Timelines

– Comment and Chats

– Group Chats

– Account settings

– Privacy Policy

– Latest updates

– you can add your updates.



Title: Social Networking Website with PHP Base like Facebook

Domain: Web

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX

Backend language :- PHP5

Back-end Database: MySQL Database

Category: PHP/MySQL OR social networking projects 

Download Source Code with Database



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