How to Choose Best WordPress Theme for your Website

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How to Choose Best WordPress Theme for your Website

When starting a website people must look for template which will suit their new website. If you are one of them looking for perfect template for your WordPress website then you want to make sur that you the best look, feel and functionality that’s the right one. How to do you find out reliable provider to give exactly what you are searching for? Let’s look for key points that you must consider when choosing a perfect theme for your WordPress website.

WordPress is best known for best flexibility and high-level customization. Huge WordPress community which has well developed plenty of smart plugins and extensions which will make your web project. Now comes the best part is no less important when planning to get your online business well to choose right WordPress. Let’s take a best look at key points which will need to consider when choosing a perfect WordPress theme for your website.

How to know about your website you’re building

The first and most obvious consideration in selecting your first template is you must be very clear on the type of website that you want to build. Different businesses need different content displayed in different formats. A news website needs space for longer text; a plumber needs a convenient way to display the services it offers and ways to be contacted; photographers need a nice-looking gallery for showcase their work while a filmmaker needs a good infrastructure for videos.

As you consider different templates, make sure you’re clear on the goals you want to achieve. Once you know what you want to say and what you want your visitors to do, you’re ready to choose a theme and create a website.

Consider all costs and don’t compromise pay for quality

Several years ago, theme price was now a good indicator of its quality. Free themes are often coded poorly at best and were used to capture sensitive user data at worst. But times are changed and developers in WordPress community which have created thousands of great free themes to choose from.

It’s said that there is both free and premium themes which have their cons and pros are detailed below:


More updates

Most compelling reason to choose premium theme is such themes are typically updated more often. Give up the rapid evolution for WordPress content management system which have theme that’s updated regularly to patch new security issues is critical.

Less recognizable design

Free WordPress themes are so much popular and its not uncommon for tens of thousands of websites to use free one. Premium themes are common one which will set apart a bit more.

Better documentation

Most premium themes include PDF detailed explaining to get most out of them. Such documentation is less with free themes.

Ongoing support

Premium theme developers offer best support for combination of public forum, email ticketing system and live chat. Free themes is said to have a public forum for support.

No attribution links

Many free themes require a link to appear up in the footer crediting up the theme’s author. This is becoming less common at free themes then you can now be sure that has no links are required in premium themes.


The price

You must have to invest anywhere between $50 to $200 in a premium theme.

 More configuration

Most premium themes to have its own custom administration panel with various customization settings which can take to learn and set up.

Unwanted features

Premium themes are said to include a lot of bells and whistles such as multiple slider plugins, a portfolio manager and extra skins. There is lot of unwanted features to bloat with the theme.

Most important aspect to look in a theme, whether free or paid, is the care and quality that’s gone to make it. Quality of code to influence everything to discuss in this article, from security to page speed.

Take your time

You must be very much excited to launch up your website which must grab a template and start on to your website immediately. This approach which must help you to launch your website and make a successful at different manner. Choose a poor template and add things gradually which is harder. When website gains traction and to respond quickly. Basic template to initially which may not prove optimal or even effective in many cases.

Ease of Customization

If you buy a theme which is must be easy to customize and ready to go out of the box. This is best to include such options. Hence what’s is the reason on paying for product that’s impossible to tweak on to your own? If you are not pro web developer, ease of modification and structure of dashboard are highest priority. Now change colours, fonts, logo, header or footer elements to add and managing images.           

  Look for Responsive design

Responsive design means which are catering mobile audience freely and its very much important these days. Nowadays people are increasing well using mobile and many other handheld devices to navigate the web. If your website which don’t look and work properly when viewed on to a mobile device which will run of losing out on sales.



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