Essential Apps and Utilities for your Mac

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Essential Apps and Utilities for your Mac

If you are a new Mac user or seasoned veteran looking to do more here are the collection of essential Mac apps and utilities which you must download your computer. These apps are free and created by third party developers to get more productive and do things that are possible on your Mac.

The Best Mac Apps and Utilities

The Mac collection includes lesser known apps so usual aspects such as Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox or Google drive all are missing from list. This apps listed below are compatible with Yosemeite, current version of Mac OS.

Let’s get started. Easily send folders and files of any size from your Mac to another device be it a Window PC, iphone, Ipad, Android phone or Mac.

Spectacle: This is one of the useful windows management apps for Mac which lets you resize and move windows with configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can now move windows between multiple displays too.

Duet Display: Use Iphone or Ipad to display your Mac. Connect IOS device to Mac with USB cable and touch screen to interact with your Mac apps.

Knock: You can able to unlock your MAC by simply tapping your Iphone screen on your Apple watch without having to type any passwords.

ImageOptim: Its best thing to always run your images through ImageOptim before you upload it to your website. Mac app will crush size of your image files without affecting visual quality.

HiddenMe: If your Mac desktop is cluttered with files and folders then you can hide all icons with single click or a keyboard shortcut.

Site Sucker : Download entire website including PDF files, images and mirror on your local disk for offline browsing. Like widget but with visual interface.

App Cleaner: Deleting the .dmg file is not too much enough. If you are properly to uninstall any MAC app, you need to delete up the residual hidden files and that’s where App cleaner can help.

Download Shuttle:  A download manager for your Mac splits file into multiple parts and download the individual parts simultaneously for faster downloads. Can resume and pause downloads too.

Toggl: Time tracking software for your Mac sits in status bar for quick access. Add #hashtags to tasks and your tracked hours are synched with web.

Fluid: This will turn your favorite website into real desktop app for Mac which will reside at Application folder and can launch from Spotlight search.

Transmit: Perfect FTP client for Mac OS X which just works. You can now create droplets to upload files instantly to your favorite destinations from anywhere.

Caffeine: This helps your Mac stay awake. Click Caffeine icon at the menu bar to preent Mac from automatically moving to sleep or from dimming the screen while you watch videos.

NoSleep: Your Macbook sleeps as soon you close the lid. NoSleep extension to keep screen awake even when lid is closed so that you can continue downloading files over network.

Air Browser: This will put favorite websites at the menu bar so that you can access up them from any screen with single click. Sites can be configured to auto refresh to open.

MacDropAny: You can now easily sync any Mac folder with Dropbox or Google Drive without having to move to a common folder.

Self Control: Stop procrastinating. This open source Mac app which will temporarily block access to time-wasting websites, emails and everything else that you find distracting.

Gas Mass: This hosts file editor for Mac can help you block access permanently to certain websites from your computer.

Authy : This is not exactly a Mac app but Google chrome extension you cant do without. It lets you to log in online accounts which require 2 factor authentications without requiring the phone.

Pixel Winch: An easy one to use screen measurement app where you can take a screenshot of an area and use built in controls to measure up the dimensions any element inside.

Buffer: You can now easily publish status updates, share photos and links to multiple social websites to go from menu bar itself.

Hocus Focus: This helps to keep your Mac desktop screen clutter free by automatically hiding app windows are inactive. You can also choose to hide windows as soon as they lose focus.

AirDroid: This will connect your Andriod phone to Mac. You can access messages, manage photos, transfer files and more, wirelessly.

PushBullet: This is a universal copy paste solution for all your devices including Mac. Copy something on your phone and instantly becomes available on Mac’s clipboard and vice versa.

Unarchive:  A useful compression utility for Mac which can handle all the popular zip formats including RAR, TAR, MSI, EXE, GZIP and even ISO file. This can extract sounds and images from Flash and PDF files too.

iBrowse: This can access the files and folders on your iPhone or iPad inside this Finder-like app and copy images, videos and other files from the iOS device to your Mac easily.

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