Best ways to research Keywords for WordPress website

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Best ways to research Keywords for WordPress website

This concept can be done successful by WordPress developer who can help you out, here comes some advice that’s helpful

How can you research keywords?

The Tool

Keyword Planner is one of the main part of Google Adwords which is the best way to search for relevant keyword not to forget that its free and the only requirement is the best Google account. Keyword planner provides various several variations of your keyword with various competition level and traffic information. Just start the search with any generic keyword that’s applicable on to your niche and tool will give you a view of what people at your relevant industry are searching for. Just consider the competition and search level for suitable keyword to use for optimising content.

Other than Google Adwords, you can also use SEMRush, Uber Suggest and MOX Keyword Explorer.

High Traffic keywords

These are one of the best searched for most and can able to optimize your website or WordPress. This does mean greater competition, if you use long tail keywords to drive high amount of traffic. This is the another way to post new and fresh content which includes both internal and external links.

Competitive Keywords

What keywords are targeted by your competitors? Now keep a track of using tools such as Ahrefs. This is not a free but its complete valuable. Once you sign up, tool must show you organic keywords used by website for effective traffic generation.  You must also see level of traffic thats receieved.

Whats is the impact of not researching keywords?


SEO rankings must fall sharply. Until your keywords must correctly optimised and its going to be hard for you to go on top of SERPs. Yes which does mean your target audience will not find you instanly.

Less Traffic

Its not being found means that will have less traffic on to your website.

Less Brand Awareness

SEO will impact your brand and increase awareness but if you are targeting wrong keywords your website won’t be visible on to your potential consumers.

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